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4 personal finance myths you need to forget

Personal finance is a funny thing, we’re often guilty of banking on ‘facts’ that just aren’t true. By now, we’ve hopefully all established that the moon isn’t made of cheese and that the tooth fairy somehow stops visiting when we leave home. But which personal finance facts are actually fiction? We’ll take you through the […]

The 7 best ways to start saving money

Each year, 75% of us can expect an unforeseen large expense. That expense might be a bill, a car MOT or breakdown cost – perhaps something around the house will need replacing. The possibilities are infinite – but sadly, your money is not. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top 7 ways to […]

Investing Your Tax Refund

When working, it can be annoying how much tax we pay. There can also be times when we’ve paid too much tax. This could be due to a miscalculation on our tax return, or because we’ve been paying tax on the incorrect tax code. Fortunately, we can recoup our less via tax refund, which is […]

Ways To Improve Your Finances

Organize your finances because this will save you time, effort and energy. Having to think of strategies for the improvement of your finances is one thing that you should keep up. You will never know what will be the outcome of your future, but as long as you are doing things to assure that you […]